Why I still love my Diva Cup

I posted a few months ago my Diva Cup Diary, when I first gave a menstrual cup a go.  That was 5 months ago, so I figured I'd post an update! I've become a bit of a menstrual cup warrior, and I'm not ashamed to enthusiastically tell every new woman I meet that they should try one!

This isn't a sponsored post, but as I've only used the Diva Cup, this post uses their images, and talks about their cup. However, there are alternatives out there.

My Diva Cup has changed how I feel about my period. It's made it less messy, less inconvient and cheaper. They're better for the environment, for your wallet and for me, they've changed my feelings about periods too, so better for your mental wellbeing too!

When I bring up my new love of all things Diva Cup, I'm often met with the same questions so I thought I'd answer some here.

"Isn't it gross?" I honestly find the cup less gross than a tampon or pad. You're no longer dealing with stale blood. Fresh blood just feels less gross somehow. All the blood stays inside you, until you're emptying it. It doesn't go over my hands or anything, but if it did, I wouldn't care. That happens anyway with periods.

"What if you're not near a sink?" I change mine once in the morning and once in the evening. It's bliss. It's like I forget I'm on a period now I don't need to change a tampon or pad every 4 hours. So generally I'm always near a sink, as I'm at home. However it is possible to empty it without a sink. You could use a bottle of water over the loo, or you can even just wipe it with toilet paper or a wet wipe, until you're near a sink. 

"Doesn't it leak?" I've only leaked once, on my very first week of giving the cup ago. You can run your finger around the cup once its in you, and you can feel if it's popped open. It's then got a seal. I guess if you have a very heavy flow, it could over flow, but I guess you'd figure this out in one or two goes. Apparently the average woman loses 30-60ml of blood per cycle. The cup holds 30ml, so it shouldn't overflow for most people. 

"What if it gets stuck?" Firstly, don't panic. There isn't a TSS risk like with tampons, so feel free to relax for 30 mins and come back to it. Sometimes it does go higher up, but it will come back down! Relax, and push as if you're going for a poo. After a while, this fear completely disappears, as you get used to it.

"How do you get it up there?" Our vaginas are pretty stretchy, and the cups are soft. There are different ways to fold it, so give the different folds a go. There are tons of useful videos on the internet to help you figure it out! I love Precious Star Pads on youtube.

I love that I can put it in just before a period, if I know I'm due, or have a special occasion I'd hate to have the stress of a surprise start. I love that I can sleep naked during my periods again. I love that I don't need to spend more money on disposables. I love that I only have to deal with my period in the morning and the night time. I love that I don't need to take anything in my bag when I'm out and about. Basically.....thanks Diva Cup, I love you.