Why I love the modern coffee shop.....

I am old enough to remember life before coffee shop culture hit. As a teenager we didn't do Starbucks, or swan around with a happy caffeine buzz. We had the park bench pretty much......or visiting pubs before we should have been. I would have loved the chained coffee shops as a teen!

Then coffee culture hit. I was a little late to get into it, never having been a tea or coffee drinker, but gosh once I found it, I snuggled in and made myself very very happy there.

It started off as a treat, usually when shopping, but soon grew into a little bit of a addiction (I prefer the world habit!). I can now regularly be found enjoying a coffee shop, usually working, but often reading as a chill out zone away from home.

I am often torn between local shops and chain shops, and actually am pretty loyal to both. I love the customer care in my local shops, and their food options are usually better too. However, the chains serve bigger drinks (my locals won't serve me big coffees) and often have more wifi and plug points.

Looking around me now, I can see a few of us tapping away on laptops (wonder what they all do for a living?!), parents having a break from being at home as well as friends catching up.  I love the little buzz a coffee shop can have, where everyone is in their own little bubbles.

I love the little communities that can form, the ability for people to come to a communal space, rather than all of us being at home. I love the sense of a treat that comes from buying a pretty expensive cup of coffee. I love that we can sit here with no one rushing us on.

Are you a coffee culture fan like me?