Why I love Make-Up and Why I love Jenna Marbles

 It would be hard to be online and not hear of Jenna Marbles. She has a few youtube channels, one of which has over 220 million views. I'm not ever sure how that could be possible! 

What I love about Jenna Marbles (and don't start looking at her videos unless you are happy to lose an hour of your life):

She is intelligent (she has a masters) and very sure of herself. She wears a lot of make-up but is also very happy wearing none. She is funny. She is beautiful. She adores her dogs, both of whom are silly cute. She has an amazing body because she works for it. She has a very dedicated diet and exercise regime.

Jenna Marbles reminds me why I love make-up. It can literally transform your face, but it doesn't have to mean you aren't happy in your own skin. She isn't a make-up artist, and has learnt what works for her face. Make-up makes her feel good. She wears it for her, not for anyone else. She uses a lot of make-up and isn't embarrassed or ashamed. She enjoys the transformation.

I love Jenna Marbles and I love make-up.