Why I love court tv shows

I'm sure there's a word to describe it, but I'm someone who likes a narrow selection of things, over and over. On my spotify list I tend to listen to the same things on repeat for example. 

I also tend to watch the same types of shows, I watch business reality tv shows almost on repeat (My favourite business shows)! and rather oddly perhaps, I watch a lot of "court/judge" shows.

I've watched them for years, even when I was teaching in Arizona many years ago, I loved that they had a single channel dedicated to them!

Back in the UK, I mainly use youtube to watch  them, and I was pondering recently why I enjoy them so much.

I think they appeal my desire for rational thought and sense making. They remind us that there is a right and wrong, and that 'right' will win out. When our world can feel crazy, the fact that judges on TV stick to sensible and logical decisions is somewhat calming.

Court shows are my secret (not quite so secret!) indulgence. What are yours?