Why I love BBQ weather

I love BBQ season, whether its a random lone day, or a month of sunshine, I love the opportunity to get the grill out.

Not only is it hard to beat lazing outside with your friends, but it's an easy way for me to socialise with food.

Some people find my food preferences challenging (I don't, but the stigma remains!) as I'm a veggie who doesn't eat many processed carbs (pasta, rice, bread, cake etc). BBQs are perfect for me, I pig out with everyone else!

For my BBQ yesterday I cooked:

>Linda McCartney sausages

>Corn on the cob


>Sweet potato wedges

>Kebabs (halloumi, peppers, tomatoes, red onion)

Yum! I had a great catch up with a mate; just what the doctor ordered. It's sometimes hard when you're actively dating to find time for all of your friends, but checking in with them is crucial for the soul!