Why I don't care what people think of my tattoos


There has been rather a hoo-ha over tattoos recently in the press and online. 

Sali Hughes and Rachel Johnson debated them over in The Guardian, and Tony Parsons in The Mirror admitted that they make his skin crawl.

I watched my twitter stream explode with indignation, but actually I just don't really care.

I don't expect tattoos to lose all of their attached prejudices and judgements, I knew they existed when I chose to decorate my skin.


The fact that my skin makes a stranger get all hot and bothered with disgust really isn't my problem. I'm happily going about my business, ignorant to his issues.

My tattoos don't define who I am. They certainly celebrate some parts of who I am, but honestly I am more than my artwork.

Should I be allowed into the Royal enclosure at Ascot? I'm pretty sure that in my best vintage dress and hat, I'd look smarter than many of the ladies in there! If they chose to discriminate based on my colourful skin well I'm sure I can find other events to spend my money at.

Life really is too short to worry about what people think of your appearance. Focus on being kind, we'd be a lot happier if we all did!