Why going to the hairdressers is so scary (and what can you do about it)

So many clients get so nervous visiting the salon, often exclaiming that they hate visiting hairdressers. So what is it exactly that makes people nervous?

1. That the hairdresser will cut too much off. Why is it that a hairdresser inch seems bigger than our own inch?

2. That we won't get what we expect. We'll get shaggy layers when we wanted blunt, or a bold red when we wanted subtle

3. That it will cost far much more than we expected. Oh that conditioner you put on at the backwash costs an extra £25, oh right.

4. That we'll feel intimated and embarrassed staring at ourselves in the mirror, with a staff member who looks down on us.

5. That we'll be pressured into buying products we don't want. It's so awkward sitting through the sales pitch.

So how can you change this and start to look forward to your next hair appointment?

1. Be clear with your stylist what length you're expecting, but ask them honestly how much they think needs to come off. There is little point cutting your hair if you leave too many split ends!

2. Take pictures! Use your phone to show a few examples of what you'd like, and ask if they think this is realistic for your own hair type. Talk through how much effort you're willing to put into your hair, and how often you are willing to get it cut.

3. Ask exactly how much it's expected to cost, before you head to the backwash. At Rockalily we work hard to make our prices pretty set, and we're never embarrassed to talk prices before we start, so you know exactly what to expect.

4. Get recommendations for a lovely stylist. You want to get on with them, you may be there for a few hours! If they make you feel small, don't return. It's part of their job to be good with clients!  

5. At Rockalily we don't sell any extra products, so we'll only chat about products if you ask, and are happy to suggest some you can go and buy. If you're visiting a salon where stylists rely on commission from product sales, and feel awkward, you could ask them to write them down, so that you can buy them another time. Or just nod and smile and thank them for the advice.