Why feminism is still an issue - the reporting of the Steubenville rape case

I am not going to attempt to write about the mind blowing amazement that I have felt reading about the Steubenville rape case, as many more eloquent people have done so much better than me already, but I couldn't not say anything.

So here I am, just sharing this footage from CNN, where the court reporter opens her commentary with:

"I've never experienced anything like it Candy, it was incredibly emotional...to watch what happened as these two young men that had such promising futures, star football players, very good students, literally watched as they believed their life fell apart...one of them...he collapsed."

Hold the fucking phone. Excuse me?

She continues to explain they were convicted of rape but clarifies it with, "Alcohol fuelled parties, alcohol a huge part in this."

But keep holding that fucking phone.

The reporter then goes on,"But I want to let our viewers listen because for the first time in this entire trial we have now heard from..." I seriously expected her to say 'The victim' at this point. Pretty gobsmacked when she continued with, "The two young men." We then cut to one of the boys apologising to her family, where one breaks down sobbing. We're then told how one of the boys comes from a broken home, and how it's the first day his father has ever told him that he loves him.

Poppy the reporter passes back to the studio, with next to no mention of the victim or the victim's family.

Are you still holding that phone, because the news anchor, now poses the question about the effect on the two young men of being in juvenile court. Not of the young woman who has been raped, but of the two boys who did it. How being a registered sex offender will affect their futures.

I'm baffled that this is CNN, in America, in 2013. This whole news report is disgusting, and all of the people behind it should be ashamed. For fucks sake.