Why don't I love live music?

This week I went to a gig. I don't tend to go to any gigs, so it stood out as an event of sorts! I've been mixing my look up a little by wearing my hair down more, and not wearing glasses as much, so I'm still experimenting! Still love my big gold hoops though!

I was there to see a band called Portasound, as a favour to a friend. It's odd that I don't enjoy live music, and no one ever seems to understand why. I'm not even sure I understand myself! That being said, I adored Hackney Weekend, Britney and Ed Sheeran....maybe I'm just a weirdo! He he.

I think it's a mainly the audiences that put me off live music, rather than the music itself! 

Do you like live music? Any tips for me to learn to love it more?