Why do we return to certains songs and poems (the words of others)?

I was pondering today, the reason we turn to poetry, music and/or books in particularly emotionally high times. Whether you have a 'break up' song, or a poem you return to when you're feeling let down, we seek a solace in the words that other people have written.

This searching within words goes deeper than just having songs that remind you of a certain time. It taps into the need to make sense of a world that can feel so painfully unique, and we need the comfort of being reminded we are wrong. Nothing we feel is unique. it's been felt by others for time eternal. Our sadness is nothing new.

It's comforting to know that the world is bigger than us. I remember during the grief I drowned in as a teen,  I regularly returned to my library, searching the section on psychology for any book on grieving that would help me figure it out. I devoured them all, seeking some comforts in sentences that exactly articulated the jumbled pain I felt. I rediscovered a love of poetry in this time too, loving that fact that poems from 100s of years ago could sum up how I felt too. Pain, loss, love and regret are a timeless experience.

I also return to the words of others if I need motivating. I have certain motivational books that I pick up purely when I know I need to re-read their words of sense. To just hear it again.

It's odd that I never need assistance to articulate joy and happiness. When I'm happy I don't ache to find evidence that others have shared my emotional state in the same way. Perhaps being happy is just so much more simple. Bliss needs little explanation.