Why do people who lose weight or get fit never stop talking about it?

Why do people who lose weight or start a successful fitness routine go on (and on) about it so much?

1. I still find it hard to believe that I'm 'this' person. That I'm someone who became healthier. That I stuck it out. Verbalising it makes it seem more concrete and real.

2. I was never 'massive' and so my weight never seemed like it impacted my life. But now that I'm smaller, I can appreciate how it actually did. I didn't realise how different I could feel, and I guess people (me included) just want to try and convince people who awesome they could feel too!

3. Talking about it (food choices and fitness) keeps it an active thought in my mind. This means I stay motivated and focused. I don't want to forget how much I prefer my lifestyle since making the changes.

4. Fitness is very empowering, and great for your mind/soul. I really believe everyone can find something that suits them, and everyone can benefit from being fitter and stronger.

5. I get a lot of motivation from other people's posts/instagrams/talk about their changes, and so it feels only fair to contribute my journey too!