Why do I need to have regular trims when I want to grow my hair long?

We've all heard that we need to trim our hair regularly, even if we're wanting to grow it, and I thought I'd briefly discuss why this is the case.

This photo is of a split end on my hair. The cuticle of the hair has split, and is not repairable.

There may be a few products that can 'glue' these ends together, but they haven't fixed the split end, just some temporary sticky tape for a quick fix.

If we just grow our hair, and skip a haircut, these splits can grow too. They split upwards, further and further up the shaft.

We may eventually go for our trim, but we end up just needing a larger amount of hair cut off, as the split end has split more of the hair.

Following me still?! He he.

More regular smaller trims can in theory mean we end up with longer hair, which isn't split, scraggy or thin. If we continue to grow our length with split ends, we may just end up with long, but broken and messy/frizzy hair, which just looks a bit miserable.

I have more damaged hair than most, as I've put it through a lot of colour changes, but I have had to undergo some large trims, and I'm now due another one. 

To lessen any extra damage I have started using a softer brush, and I put hair oil onto the ends every morning before brushing. This can act as a lubricant to lessen any pulling.

We may want long hair, but we want it to be luscious too.