Why did I wait so long - wearing nude eyeshadow

1. Why did I wait so long - buying expensive make up brushes

2. Why did I wait so long to wear nude eyeshadow?

I used to believe nude eyeshadow was a bit of a waste of money. I guess growing up without youtube and instagram meant that my experimentation with make-up was much more hit and miss than it is for teens these days.

When I had limited funds to start learning how to craft my face, buying an eyeshadow the exact shade of my eyelids seemed somewhat pointless. I'd much rather have bought a bright colour, the complete opposite to my skin.

My, how times have changed. I wear nude eyeshadows each and every day, and love how flawless they can make the base of your eye makeup look. 

The added benefit is that it stops your eyeliner getting greasy and smudging onto your eyelid. An affiction I never suffer from anymore!

Yey for nude eyeshadow!