Why did I wait so long - Buying expensive make up brushes

This is going to be the first in a series of posts called "Why did I wait so long?", as I seem to keep saying this to myself over a few realisations in the last few months or so.

I've always used brushes that were at the lower end of the price scale. Perhaps a pack of 20 from China for £15, or the free ones that come with make-up. I found it hard to get excited about spending money on a brush.

I finally bought myself the Real Techniques Core Collection (£21.99 from Boots), after having my eye on a Real Techniques brush for a pretty long time! This isn't the top end of brushes; a similar powder brush from MAC would be about £35 on its own, but for me, spending this much felt like a step up in the make-up world.

I really only use the brush pictured, and to be honest, I'd be happy to spend £20 for it alone. I love it.

My old similar brush always used to shed, leaving my face with rogue hairs mixed in with the powdered finish. This brush is  super soft, firm and is yet to shed a single hair.

Why did I wait so long to buy a quality powder brush?