Who will I be today - Reinventing yourself for fun!


This was a Post Secret that caught my eye this week.

It says 'Whenever I go to a new salon I always reinvent myself. I've been a surgeon, a pilot, an artist, a rocket scientist...semi famous....rich

It's my one hour to live vicariously. I never go to the same stylist twice. I'd never be able to keep my stories straight.'


It reminded me of my trip to Vegas for Viva Las Vegas 13.

Vegas is full of some amazing shops, and many are way out of my price range. In the past I have felt intimidated walking in to those sort of shops, but I came up with a plan.

I pretended I was a slightly different person. I had recently worked in the West End for Polly Rae and so I pretended that I was in charge of costume for a new West End show. This meant I could browse show-girl dresses costing up to $10,000 and feel no pressure to buy. They were super attentive (!) and showed me around, suggesting matching accessories and handing me business cards.

Have you ever prentended to be someone a little different to the current reality? This postcard reminded me of the fun I had window shopping in Vegas, I just needed a reason to be there.