Who has tattooed me? Take a peek at their awesome instagrams

I often get asked about who/where does my tattoos, since I have collected quite a variety of tattoos. I sometimes book far in advance, and get specific designs drawn, and sometimes I get silly small ones, or impulsive ones.

Here are some of the tattooists who have added in some way to my collection of tattoos over the years, these are not neccesarily my tattoos, just links to their instagrams so that you can go and  explore if you wish!

Stewart's isn't a photo of my tattoo, he did my Rockalily heart tattoo

This is my swollen hand! Cassandra designed this gorgeous collection of flowers to fit my small hand.

Tracy gave me this glorious mermaid on my inner arm.


This isn't my Valerie tattoo, but you can look at my peacock tattoo, my gypsy lady tattoo and my locket tattoo in old blog posts.

Harriet gave me this bunch of flowers, as well as a blue tit tattoo and a parrot tattoo.

Sadly this kick arse lady from Jemma Jones isn't mine, but you can look at my lovely lady here.

Gemma tattooed some of my very first 'visable tattoos', this one isn't mine unfortunately. Gemma gave me my poodle tattoo, my Mr. Happy tattoo, my lucky horseshoe tattoo, as well as some smaller pieces.

Emiliano tattooed my little vintage catseye glasses.

This is my tattoo of my Vegas showgirl I got from Angelique Houtkamp in Amsterdam.

This isn't my hand, but years ago Andrea tattooed a pair of roses on one of my shoulders.

Chris tattoos in LA, but he tattooed my shark tattoo in Las Vegas.

Randy also tattooed me in Vegas, and gave me my flying duck tattoo on my hand.


Linda tattoed my Sailor Jerry playing cards.

Dan gave me a tourist tattoo in Brighton.

These are not all of the tattoo artists I've used, some I don't recall the name of (my knuckles for example!) - whoops!

I've got one more currently booked in with Jesus, so watch this space!