White Leather Jacket Review from Durango Leather

I was sent this leather jacket to review, but have been waiting for the appropriate weather to give it a good test run!

The jacket is from Durango Leather, and costs £250 (plus taxes at customs if you are Uk based like me), and I've never owned leather worth that much before. I was intrigued to get the box open and see what difference it made. Blimey it's so soft, and I loved the finishing touches (interior pocket, printed lining etc). I loved it instantly, despite still being a little unsure about it being white. 

I'd been hesitant about a white leather jacket at first, but something about it just made me want to try it out! After a quick Pinterest search, I'd been reassured that it could look cool and I awaited my delivery (from The States).

I wasn't sure about what size to order, as my boobs are generally mismatched with my waist (I never know what size to get to fit my boobs in without swapping me). The jacket came in S/M/L, and I plumped for medium, worried about small not fitting my chest. It is, rather predictably, a little large on my waist, but at least it fits well on the shoulders and chest. It's not winter yet, so I can be confident that a big wooly jumper will fit under it too!

Out of the first 3 people I showed the jacket to, the first two exclaimed, "It's not very you!", while my boyfriend said "Hot." Which side of the fence do you sit? White leather jacket for the win, or not very me?