Which products do we use for retro and vintage hair styles?


We use a massive variety of products here at Rockalily Cuts to create retro and vintage inspired cuts and styles.

We like to feel like we use whatever product suits each style and hair type, rather than being loyal to one brand over another.

For example, we have a mixture of hairsprays, some very cheap and some more expensive. Sometimes we need a hairspray which has a lighter hold, and sometimes one that creates a rock hard finish. Price isn't always an indicator of these.

We love Layrite, and sell a lot of it, but we don't always use it on every gent. Sometimes their hair requires a different product and we have lots of pomades to choose from!

For setting a curl in a lady's hair we sometimes use setting lotions, mousse, or hairspray.

We love an excuse to try something new, but often return to the same favourites over and over.

What do you use in your hair?