Where will you be in two years time?

Today I took my laptop to do some work from my local Starbucks. On the left, I was doing the same, in the same starbucks, two years prior.

It got me thinking as to where I'd like to be in the next two years. Still in the same Starbucks on my laptop? 

Do you regularly reflect and consider your goals, dreams and plans? Can you visualise where you think you'll be, or where you'd like to be? 

1. What sort of lifestyle would you like in the next 24 months? What would your average day be like?

2. What sort of place do you imagine you'll live in? The same as now?

3. Who will you spend the majority of your time with in two years time?

4. How will you make money? What sort of job will you have?

5. What will be your interests or hobbies? Will you have a new skill by then?

6. What will your body and health be like in two years time?

7. What will you remember in two years time, about your life currently (so reflecting back on yourself as you are now)?