Where to get tattooed in Las Vegas

Last time I came to Viva Las Vegas I got two tattoos on my last day. I got my cat Viva, who was overpriced, and poorly done. I also got a small Sailor Jerry swallow. I had tried to research a good Las Vegas tattoo shop, but hadn't found too much luck.

This time, at Viva Las Vegas 15 I took a look at Stedfast Tattoo Parlor, as they had a stand at the convention. I liked that their business cards say

'Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good'

They had no more space for tattooing at the convention, so I asked them about coming on my last day. They said to phone up (they take appointments only I believe) and come in later that day. 

I had no idea what I wanted, but most of my tattoos are pretty impulsive anyhow!

Both myself and Miss Honey Bare were tattooed by Randy Evans, who was such a sweetie who loves London and England. He even has English Bulldogs because he loves our culture so much! We had a blast getting our tattoos, and they seemed to enjoy our accents!

Here is Denny the Duck this morning, ready to fly home back to London.