When your new years resolutions go to pot

fostering a cat 2018

Most people use a new year to reflect on the past one, and to set some intentions or resolutions for the year ahead. I'm a big fan of goals and direction, but of course it's absolutely fine if it doesn't go the way you'd hoped. Take me for example. This time last year, I reflected on how I wanted my 2017 to look. My boyfriend has just moved abroad, and I'd just started a new job. If me having a job confuses you, read this post from Dec 2016 to catch up. 2017 was going to be the year of creating work I was proud of, while managing a long distance relationship (and potentially moving abroad).

Move forward, and by April I had opted out of both. I quit the job and the relationship. Neither were delivering what I'd hoped for I guess.

So my 2017 wasn't about new work challenges, nor was it about that relationship. It ended up being about moving house and starting new chapters. It was about a bloggers' trip to Menorca, and a best friend's holiday to Lanzarote. It was about becoming political and using my time to volunteer. It was the year I learned a langauge. It was a year about me, and figuring out a new path. A better path.

reeree rockette 2018.JPG

So now 2018 is here.....what do I hope for this next year? I want to focus on enrichment. I want to continue adding to my life, so I'm considering getting a personal trainer, returning to do my level 2 of BSL, and a writing course. Yes, I want love. I want sex. I'm not ashamed of wanting those things either. So, lets see how this next year goes. Wish me luck.