What we seek is what we find

I find it hard to place exactly why I feel like I'm looking at a stranger in these pictures. These are all outfit posts from Feb 2012, nearly three years ago now. I hadn't yet opened Rockalily Cuts, which definitely feels like a life time ago!

I'm now in my 30s, and one of those annoying women who preach about how much better 30s are compared to 20s. I used to hate those women when I was in my twenties!

Perhaps the biggest switch in mindset from my 20s to my 30s has been learning what to let go, and what to stay true to. Learning to be kinder, more forgiving and flexible when it matters, and working out what actually matters, and is worth focusing on. What we fill our minds with is what we feel and believe, and we have more control over this than most of us realise.

What we seek is what we find.