What to wear to a toga party when you don't want to wear a toga

I'm off to a drum and bass rave next week. I haven't been to a rave in a long time, but I am a garage girl at heart, so I do like a good dance. This isn't a normal drum and bass rave though, I mean I'm almost a bit old for them now. In theory age shouldn't matter, but being surrounded by very excitable 18 year olds is a bit annoying now I'm in my mid-thirties. But this rave is a family rave. Oh yes, a Sunday afternoon baby-friendly drum and bass rave.

Big Fish Little Fish put on family raves around the country, designed with music for the adults (no chart music or child-centred music) and activities for the children. It's aimed at children from 0-8 years old, but everyone is welcome. They have different fancy dress themes, but my ticketed event is toga themed!

I have never been to a toga party, but I instantly knew I didn't want to wear a literal toga. I was lucky enough to have Mad World Fancy Dress in Old Street invite me to their store to borrow an appropriate outfit. Having never visited a fancy dress store before, I leapt at the chance to review my experience!

My cousin tried on some dresses from the Romans and Ancient Greek rail, and decided on the the toga dress, with a wig and headdress that we didn't photograph. I, on the other hand, got intrigued by the men's rail. Oh yes...much more like it!

I started off in a Pythagoras red and turquoise gown, but got distracted by the leather armour options. The first one was too large and bulky for me, but I knew I was on the right track! The silver armour with feather-crusted helmet gave me the 'Goldilocks' moment; It was just right!

Maybe no one else will really dress up, or maybe we've completely gone way too extra, but even just trying all the outfits on, we had a blast. I'm excited to get drum and bass raving while dressed as the Greek God Cronus. Watch this space!

Our costumes were provided free of charge, but as always, my reviews are all my own words.