What to expect with your first tattoo


What to expect when you get your first tattoo:

I got another tattoo today, and while I was waiting I got talking to a lady getting her first tattoo. She opened up about how confusions and queries about the experience ahead, which got me thinking about writing this post!

1. Consider your outfit choice - where will your tattoo be placed, and will your clothing allow this to be accessed easily? I was getting my leg tattooed today, so I wore a skirt.

2. When you arrive, you may well feel a tad awkward, tattoo shops are often little hives of activity, and you may have to wait a  minute or two for someone to attend to you. Breathe, smile and wait.

3. You'll have to sign a consent form. This will go through your medical history, allergies and the fact that you understand that it's a forever choice.

4. Once there, you may well have a lot of waiting still. You'll probably be shown a sketch of your tattoo, and if there are any changes needed, you'll have to wait while they're done. Even if there are no changes, you may need to wait while they prepare the station, create the stencil to transfer onto your skin, or grab a bite for lunch. A book is a good idea!

5. You'll be shown the stencil on your skin, take a couple of minutes to look in the mirror to check you like the placement.

6. Make sure you've eaten, and if you're someone who can feel faint, take something sweet in your bag. The adrenaline will pump round your body and some sugar in your bloodstream helps wonders.

7. Yes, tattoos hurt, but after a while I do find I sort of settle into the pain. Different parts hurt more/less, and remember to just breathe. It's pain....your body thinks something is happening and flight/fight kicks in. It's just pain, and you'll be ok. The pain will pass, you're not in danger. Mind over matter.

8.Your tattooist will give you aftercare advice. 

9. You may feel a little light headed afterwards, but a quick snack should sort you right out!