What this Ellington bag really represents

Ellington got sent this bag and as I don't own a rucksack I've suddenly found a new love for having my hands free!

This picture was taken at some after work drinks, and as Ellington commutes with me, its much easier having all bags out of the way. However, I have got a little friendly teasing that I am ok with walking down the road with my bright yellow Elli bag.

What I've realised the bag represents is that I truely don't care what other people think of me anymore. If you'd asked me ten years ago (not sure about five years ago) to wear a rucksuck like this, I would have laughed in your face. Had you convinced me to get it on, it would be worn strictly with one strap on, one strap off. Never double strapped. Never. How odd that 'coolness' was judged by whether you wore your bag in a certain way.

Anyhoo.....would you walk down the road with me rocking this yello bad boy?! He he!