What the fuck is a She-Shed? #everydaysexism

why i hate mumpreneur

Four years ago I wrote about how much I hated the words mumpreneur and fempreneur, and today I read something that brought all of my anger back.

I read that there has been a 50% increase in women buying sheds in the past 6 months, but they weren't called sheds, they were called she-sheds. Yes Cosmopolitan Magazine, I'm looking at you. Turns out women don't buy sheds, like normal human beings, we buy she-sheds. 

In the same way I'm not called an entrepreneur, but instead branded a fempreneur, my bleeding shed, isn't a gender-neutral purchase. Just in case I forgot I was female, or that I dared take part in a man-only race, these perky labels are here to remind me of my place.

I was talking at the weekend to a wine expert, and I retold a two-year-old story about when I'd been out at a restaurant and ordered proescco. It was offered to my date to check the bottle, despite it having been clearly me ordering the meal. I was infuriated at being relegated to a 'lesser-than'. I'd commented to my date at how angry I was about it, and I wasn't particularly surprised that he hadn't even noticed. Most men don't notice the small daily incidences of sexism, as they just don't really matter. Does it matter who got shown the wine? Does it matter that my shed is called a she-shed? Who cares if I'm called a fempreneur?

Clearly, I'm being facetious, these every day sexist remarks matter, and they need calling attention to. My name is ReeRee; hear me roar.But not too loudly in case I get written off as hormonal or emotional. There's that darned facetiousness again ;-)