What story does your lipstick tell?







I wear different shades of lipstick, usually depending on my mood!

My daily slick of confidence comes from Rockalily Rockette Red, as it just does what I want it to. It is a classic red, suits my skin and teeth, and is reliable.

However, if I'm going somewhere that I feel I need to be a little more 'respectable' or 'grown up' I tend to revert to Rockalily Roulette Red. It is a subtle difference, but sometimes its all in the mindset. Perhaps it is also linked to the fact that Mother Rockette wears Roulette!

Pompadour Pink usually gets worn when I'm feeling a little more punky, and its a nice change from my every day red. 

I may embrace my darker side once in a while with Man's Ruin, and my party lipstick is often Sailors Beware. My first date lipstick is Vintage Vixen.

I love that lipstick gives me a chance to play with my make-up, as I rarely change the other elements of it.

Please don't say I'm the only person who ascribes events/moods/setting to their lipstick choices?!