What not to do the first time you are left in charge at new job

So, I have a new part time job to enable me to focus largely on Alternatively Lovely and Rockalily. Today was my third day. I had been given the keys and alarm code and would be alone all day - opening and closing.

Burglar alarms scare me....the pressure to work quickly, before the noise comes and the police come screeching around the corner....gets my heart racing!

I got in ok, breathe a sigh of relief, get the code to the office door right and settle down to work. Pop out of the office, and SLAM. Office door is now shut, with everything in it. The code is stored in my phone. The phone is locked in the office. F.ck. I start swearing loudly and repeatedly. I try some attempts at remembering the code, but I know that I don't know it.

I try to think of a plan, although it is also crossing my mind that I could end up having to sleep over until the cleaners arrive in the morning. I wouldn't be able to leave as I wouldn't have the alarm code to close up properly.

Thank god for 118 118 is all I can say, as I eventually managed to call someone who could find a phone number of someone who would know the code. Thank god there is a phone upstairs at the main door. Thank god.