What makes you choose exercise?

I stole this pic of me from GoodGym, but I reckon they wouldn't mind! I went to a spin class today at BoomCycle, and right near the end she asked us to think about why we were there. What had made us  get up on a Sunday morning, to spin before 10am. What had brought us there is what makes us stay til the end, even when it feels tough.

So, what had brought me to a spin class on a Sunday morning?

1. I make the repeated choice to keep exercise in my life. Habits are just a series of repeated choices.

2.. I am choosing to be fitter; to keep my heart and lungs healthier.

3. I am choosing to be stronger; to keep my bones and muscles healthier.

4. I am choosing to show my body I love it, by making it the best I am able to. I prefer my body when its stronger, smaller and firmer.

5. We only get one body, so I'm trying to make mine the happiest it can be.