What is this love business anyhow?


So when we meet someone we fall in love with it consumes us. We find it hard to think about anything else, we want to spend time with them. We may put up with negative behaviours just to get some of the positive ones. Our stomach flips, our heart beats extra hard. The world feels like a better place just when you're with them.

Often the love can become switched to hate, but it is the indifference that confuses me.

Tonight I bumped in to an ex. My most significant ex, who I haven't seen for years. I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing. I just find it so hard to comprehend how we can feel so much for someone and then just nothing.

You ex may know everything about you, they may have seen every part of your body, they have seen you at your worst and best. But then it all just goes away.

So what is love, if it can just disappear? If it is a chemical match (that feeling that makes you want to be with someone who is so wrong for you in every way possible).....how can that chemical match change? Do we change?

Is it just a temporary meeting of minds - right place, right time.....then the time and place changes and you find yourself on different paths?

As I said, I get hate. Love is so close to hate, and is still so full of emotion. That makes sense. But when you reach indifference (the classic sign that you are finally over someone) where does that connection go?

This is a mumbly post, and I'm not even sure what my point is....but what is it that makes us fall in and out of love? Just the biological need to have sex to reproduce? A meeting of soul mates? My brain needs to stop!