What is our media teaching us about our bodies?

It is certainly nothing new that women have been expected to change their body shape to seem 'beautiful'. Over the years all sorts of shapes and sizes have been in fashion, and all sorts of contraptions and operations have been offered so that we can bend, change or adapt our bodies to make them more acceptable. We have been pulling our hair out for thousands of years, and using forms of make-up to change the appearance of our faces. Nothing new there.

What is new however, is our media, and the bombardment of images of bodies that are simply unachievable for most. Constantly. We are constantly surrounded by these images, whether we like it or not.

I have previously blogged about our relationship with the beauty industry, with a link to a great video exploring the issue of what the media is telling us and our young girls about what our bodies need to be.

Jezebel reported on this recent confession from H&M - the bodies of their models were computer generated. I wish I wasn't shocked, surely this sort of manipulation shouldn't be a surprise anymore. Yet I shocked I was.

It seems that even the bodies of models are no longer perfect enough to sell us swimwear. They had to go to the effort of taking models' faces and photoshopping them onto a computer generated body. It's not as though it was the easy option.

I am definitely not anti-photoshopping, we all like to look at 'pretty' and 'aspirational' images to a certain extent. But we cannot continue to be sold these 'fake' images. Real bodies are surely nice enough to sell us clothes (to then put on real bodies)?

At what point is enough enough?