What is beard oil, and should you be using it?

With the seemingly ever increasing popularity of the Beard (with a capital B), beard oils are the new must have product to keep it looking trendy and not trampy. 

Ever wondered what a beard oil is and what it is for? We decided to ask Clarke Knowles from Black Dog Beard Oils to find out!

1. Can you tell us a bit about how and why Black Dog Beard Oils came about?
Black Dog Beard Oils started about five months ago. I'm a barber myself and constantly having customers come in for the latest products and styles especially at the hight of the "hipster". One day someone came into the shop and asked me for some beard oil, which I replied "what's beard oil?"  I spent that full night researching in depth what beard oils were used for, the benefits, how to make it, legal side of it, everything. That morning Black Dog Beard Oils was born. 
2. Who should use a beard oil and what should they expect to benefit from doing so?
Anyone with a beard can use beard oil. Obviously I can only speak on behalf of my brand but most beard oils contain natural oils used to condition hair. Facial hair is a lot different to hair on your head. It's more coarse and harder to maintain so oils are the best way to do that. Customers can expect a shiny well groomed beard along with a great smell. 
3. What makes your beard oil brilliant?
I think we're very unique in the beard oil market. You don't see many companies with our scents. Most go for the original musky smell like old spice. We have looked at things from another angle we like subtle warm smells and most that smell it love it. We're yet to see any companies like us in our market and we're happy we're the first. 
4. Any interesting beard facts you can share with us?
Our dog on our logo has a beard. That's how our name came about. We were looking for beard related products and saw the bearded dog. It was also a black dog so hence the name Black Dog Beard Oils. 
5. Who are your favourite beard icons?
Got to be the one and only Ricki Hall. Pretty much THE beard icon. We would love him to use our products.