What is a half wig and how do you wear one?

I've blogged recently about my new love for faux hair, and specifically, half wigs. I got one half wig(also known as a three quarter wig) from Beauty Works, and then treated myself to a second! I may have a new addiction, and today I got half wig number 3.

I actually got my first 'instant weave' back in 2011. It was sent to me for review by Annabelle's wigs and I loved playing with it! The 2014 picture is the second wig I bought this year.

So what is a half wig? 

Sometimes called a 3/4 wig, or instant weave, are clip in wigs, that cover the majority of your head, but not all. This is why they need to match your hair colour. If you're after a full colour change, you'd want a regualr full wig.

They usually have two combs, one on the top and one on the bottom. Remember David Beckham's alice band and you'll get the idea. You can add some extra kirby grips if you fancy securing it tighter.

You keep your front panel of hair out, whether this a fringe and some side sections, or where your fringe would be if you had one. This hair will be used to disguise the 'join', you can half  beehive over it, or just backcomb it and style it over the join line. You could also use a headband or scarf.

My most recent half wig has a draw-string to pull the 'cap' together, and make a faux pony tail.

I love the speed and simplicty of them. If I'm having a lazy day Ican just whack my weave on and I'm ready. I also like how sexy longer hair seems to make me feel. swish!