What is a fashion blogger?

Historically I've shyed away from embracing the term 'Fashion Blogger'. The clothes I wear, the way I look, and the type of  blog I write doesn't fit the box I believe has Fashion Blogger stamped across it. I do not follow the cat walk trends, my photos are not of me in a gorgeous field, or against a brick wall, with a myriad of fabulously shot close ups of my accessories, and I don't have a steady stream of online fashion purchases waiting for me at the post office.


This weekend I attended Blogstock  as a guest speaker, and I had a bit of a mini epiphany. The event was largely a travel blogging event, with some newer niches added on. So we had some fashion and food focuses, but definitely still a largely travel blogging crowd. This meant that people approached me and asked/guessed that I was a 'Fashion Blogger'. My instinct was to jump in and say, "Gosh no!", but actually, what the flip am I if not that?


We talked about being 'Lifestyle Bloggers', as the term that is used to explain that our blogs are personal, and follow a variety of topics, rather than just fashion. But I suppose they don't have to be either or. I can be a lifestyle and fashion blogger in equal measures.


Perhaps I felt embarrassed, that if I said I was fashion blogger, I'd be setting an expectation that I wouldn't live up to, but that's silly. I'm a blogger, and yes, I blog about fashion.