What if I'm single because of my strengths, not my weaknesses...?

I had a thought today....what if I'm single, not because of my personal weaknesses, but because of the things I see as my strengths?

I have dated quite a bit. I've put myself out there online dating sites, for many years on and off, and have dated lots of men who were pretty decent normal guys.

I used to not like many of my personal qualities, but over time I have come to like most of myself. I've accepted who I am, and I'm ok.

So now I've come to question, perhaps what puts men off me isn't my weaker points (and therefore things I'd be happy to work on) but the things I like about myself (and therefore things I wouldn't want to change)?

Without meaning to sound too woe is me perhaps I have a personality that is more suited to solo living? 

I love my life, and have a blast. I'm a pretty happy person overall. But I definitely don't have luck with the boys.....lucky I have the dog ;-)

Do you think some people are just more likely to be long term singles, or is it just a random fluke?