What I ate on Christmas day to fit in with my healthier food choices

I was asked what I'd eat on Christmas day, given that I'm quite low carb and clean/healthy most of the time. Well, here you go! My Christmas dinner!

I'm a vegetarian, so I would only have vegetables anyhow, and I would never say no to some yorkshire puddings, no matter how low carb I was trying to be! I went back for more brussels and carrots.

For Christmas dessert Mother Rockette made a roulard (the recipe said not to worry if it was crumbly!) so I just had a small portion to taste. It was honestly enough to satisfy a sweet craving after dinner, but not so much that I wouldn't feel alright with my food choices. Yum!

For Christmas snacking I'm munching on nuts. 

I'm working on disassociating junk food from celebrations. Christmas isn't about chocolates and fatty foods, its about family and exchanging gifts (it certainly is in my household). Sabataging my body with food I wouldn't usually choose isn't worth it. So I may have a couple of chocolates, but certainly won't eat the whole box (like I used to!).