What does your hairstyle say about you?

The other day I left with half done hair. I had victory rolls in, but hadn't bothered to do the back, and so for me, it was a rather lacklustre hair attempt. I figured it made me look as though I'd attempted, but given up. So I asked twitter what their hairstyles said about them that day. Here are a selection of the responses I received.

oh_squirrel '' I need more time in my life to wash my hair!''

DougalMcT  '' it's saying "dude you need a haircut you look awful"

darlingsisters  ''Middle-aged, tired, greying Rosie the Riveter. I'm actually happy enough with that.''

Abbatha_D  ''mine is saying "You look like the bastard child of Crystal Tips & Long Distance Clara - good job you're not going anywhere"

thekarleighshow  ''That I can't be bothered with life.''

Sensability  'It's saying it needs a cut & colour but growing it for a re-style so have another month to go!''

parsnip45  ''hair today says I had a bad nights sleep!''

Gloombaby  'the knitted headband is screaming that I need to do my roots to anyone who knows about synth dreads!''

NegaKirsten  '"I'm on a surfing holiday and I need a haircut".... Aka, a ponytail ;)''

JuliaE1985  ''Messy front roll (thanks to Baptiste and hairspray in the car!) and plait say that I overslept this morning!''

glitterbox81  ''that I haven't dragged my lazy arse out of bed yet''

Bekeejacobs  ''my hairs saying, although I love being blonde am very tempted to go red......?''

whatnikkidid  ''my hair style says I'm a busy mum who doesn't have time to do her hair today!''

Interestingly, no one had a positive answer! Perhaps I needed to have asked, what would you like your hair to say about yourself?