What do you want to do with your life (and other big questions)?

Today would have been my Dad's birthday, had he still been alive. What knocked me for a six a little today was realising that if I died at the same age as my Dad did, I would have 14 years left.

If I had a baby, I wouldn't see them grow up, I wouldn't have grandchildren. I may not even get married.

So, if I had 14 years left, what would I want to try and make sure I have done...?

Some thoughts:

  • Have a successful business (with employees)
  • Have got married (although divorce is also ok!)
  • Have had a kid
  • Paid for my family to have a big holiday

Actually that is probably it. I have already travelled, worked abroad and my old big ambitions. So I have 14 years to get my 4 things done. Bring it on.

It's odd that when my Dad died, I saw him as 'old'. But as I age, and get closer to the age myself, I realise how young he really was.

Happy Birthday Dad.