What do you call your vagina (and do you love it)?

 So, today I stumbled across this Moon Cup advert, 'Love Your Vagina'

So I decided to ask the women of Twitter what they called their own vagina.

This Wordle shows the results:

I was actually a little surprised at the popularity of 'minnie' and 'mary'. I also noticed the absense of pussy and fanny.

In my experience, men rarely seem embarrassed about their private parts (what we call penises is another discussion!) but women often do. This again, could be another huge discussion, but I will leave it for now!

The twitter discussion touched upon the following issues:

 - Giving young girls different words than we use ourselves

 - Having different words for our vaginas during sex

 - What grandmothers call their vaginas

 - Regional differences between words

 - Our emotional reactions to different words

So what do you call yours?