What do I eat?

Over on instagram I had a few more people ask about what I eat now. I have blogged before about my 5 top tips for getting fit and losing weight, and what I used to eat, and what I eat now.

I've also added the top 10 tips I gave my friend to lose weight and fit, and how I went from high-carb to low-carb.

If you're wanting to change the way your body looks and feels, I honestly believe it's mainly done in the kitchen. The gym helps you sculpt, perfect, and improve your fitness, but the main changes that will occur will happen due to the food you choose to fuel your body with.

There is no magic shortcut. I'm always very surprised over in instagram land, when I read the comments on successful  before/after pictures. So many people just ask how long the transformation took. It's as if it took too long, they just can't be bothered, and will just stay as they are. As if people would rather take no action than action that isn't instantly rewarding. The point of transformation photos should just be to show you that change is possible if you want it, rather than a magic two week fix.

I don't count food. I don't count calories, and I don't have cheat days.

I just try and eat well the vast majority of the time

I have been a vegetarian since I was 12, so that hasn't changed. I now follow a pretty low carb diet, but I'm definitely not zero-carb. I try and make most meals focused on protein (eggs, soft white cheese, lentils, tofu etc) and fruit and vegetables. I eat a lot of nuts. Just solid good food.

People seem nervous of 'fats'.....but I just don't believe that our bodies sees all fats as the same. I eat tons of hummous and nuts, which surprises people, "But aren't they really fatty?!". I refuse to group lovely nuts with things like crisps and chips. Our bodies just don't deal with these fats in the same way. It's a shame they share a name!

I have created a series of mental lists of foods I'm 'happy' to eat, so I know what I can eat when I'm out in restaurants, or in a coffee shop, or shopping for dinner. I don't find it stressful or limiting. 

If I'm hungry I eat. As I said, I don't measure food. If I fancy the whole bag of cashews, I go right for it! I just don't go right for it with junk. 

Things I tend to have for dinner during the winter:

  • Sweet potato and salad with soft white cheese
  • Soup with some oat crackers and soft white cheese
  • Eggs and vegetables
  • Stirfry with no noodles/rice with Quorn chicken
  • Cauliflower 'curry' with coconut milk and no noodles/rice