What do I eat now? Changing from high carb to low carb

 I've been asked again recently to write about what I eat now, so I figured now was as good of a time as any!

Back in January, ten months ago, I made a new years resolution to stop talking about changing my lifestyle habits, and just get a grip and take action. I wanted to feed my body health, get stronger and lose the excess fat I carried on my body through laziness.

There a million ways people attempt to lose weight and get fit. It's also pretty statistically proven that 'diets' don't work. We've all been there and done that. You restrict calories and/or fat, lose some weight, and then gain back more than you ever had once you fall of the diet wagon. Each time you diet the pounds are harder to lose, and you swing back and forth, with your mood and self esteem heavily linked to the number of the scale. Your emotions become linked to food, mixed with guilt and reward and worth. 

So, back in January I radically changed what I eat.

I knew a few things:

>I wanted the changes to last forever

>I needed to find realistic alternatives to my food habits. I don't cook, I like finger food, I like feeling 'full' and I need food to be ready quickly.

>I wanted to feed my body more of what it needs.

What I used to eat:

Pizza, Fruit Toast at Starbucks, Pasta, Chocolate Biscuits, Cake with Coffee, Tub of Ice Cream with TV etc

What so I eat now?

I started by focusing on adding nutrients and protein into my diet. Nothing was banned, but I added lots of goodness in. I'm now pretty low-carb, and eat mainly fruit, pulses, vegetables, eggs, nuts and soft cheeses.


I don't count anything, and I know that 'good' fats don't make you fat. I eat a lot of houmous, nuts, soft cheese, alongside salads, lentils and vegetables. I'm eating foods I'd never dreamed I'd enjoy! I don't have cake with my coffee anymore, but I still have a lot of coffee. I don't have pizza anymore, but I honestly don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.

I've loved discovering that my body can do things I never thought possible. My chronic bad back has never been better, and I ran a 5K without stopping or slowing! Our bodies are capable of so much if we just give them a chance!

My current favourite quick meal is a blended soup. I throw in a can of tomatos, with a can of either lentils or red kidney beans, with some soft cheese and tomato puree and garlic puree. Ready in minutes and I dip some ryvita in.

The processed carbohydrate addiction that so many of us fall into isn't pleasant. We binge, then crash, then get hungry again. And repeat. 

I'd love to get stronger, but for now I'm happy maintaining, I love how my life tastes now. I can't imagine ever wanting to slip back, and I hope  that these ten months have started enough permanent habits for it not to happen. I prefer these choices over my old ones, and love hearing about some of you who are following the same path.