What did you want to be when you were younger?

It was my Dad's birthday this month (he sadly died when I was a teenager) and my Mother commented that he would have been surprised to see me running my own business now. She said that he'd thought he was raising a poet!

It got me thinking about our childhood dreams about our future selves.


I know that when I was about 6-8 years I wanted to a pig farmer. As a city girl, perhaps this great unknown country life style seemed more exotic to me?!

From about 10-13 years I wanted to be an author. I wrote stories and poems, and would endlessly read them to my Dad over the telephone when he called each night. Even as I aged, and stopped writing (as seems to be the case with many teens) I would read poetry books to him from books we'd buy together for that very purpose. I think poetry offered a confused teen a way of knowing I wasn't alone; all of these feelings and emotions had been felt before, throughout the history of time.

As a teenager, I was pretty directionless. I had little ambition past getting a boyfriend (!) and organising drinks for the weekend (sshhhhhh). I did well at school, but didn't want to go to college or university. My ambition (of which I now have by the bucket load) developed later, and I remind myself of this when I hear of other young people struggling with direction. There's no rush.