What did we do without online dating?


Where have you found love? Or where do you look for it?

I'd say 90% of my friends met their partners online, which is a pretty modern situation to be in! Where did we used to meet people before the internet changed it all for us?

Are Londoners dating online more than the rest of the country?

I've onlined 'dated' for over 15 years which is pretty shocking in itself I guess! My first couple of boyfriends, from 14-16 years old were from the online world of chat rooms.....how throughily modern of me. He he.

Are we using the online world more because it's truly a better way to meet someone; would all of us who found their partner online otherwise be single, or would we have met someone another way?

Has the increased options provided to us from online dating made us somehow fussier, and less willing to wait to randomly meet someone new out and about? Have our expectations be raised by the shopping list mentality that can come about from online browsing?

How did we cope without it??

Where did you meet your partner?