Wet Shaving coming to Rockalily Cuts in London

learning to wet shave in london.jpg

Today we had a super busy day at the salon, we've had a training day! Learning a new skill always feels daunting at first, we have to be willing to feel uncomfortable and take a jump into the unknown. The grey area, when everything feels overwhelming can make your chest feel tight and your heart pump ferociously. 

But learning is how we move forward, and facing challenges is good for the soul. Similarly to running, pushing yourself to try something new, and achieving it makes you feel like you could take on the world.

Have you learned a new skill recently? Have you felt the fear and just done it anyway? I have a photoshoot coming up soon, that definitely feels like a feel-the-fear-but-do-it-anyway moment, but I know that the rewards will no doubt pay off.

We hired in the fabulous Clippers & Cutthroats and had a blast with the guys as we started our journey to offering this extra service at the salon. Highly recommended.