Wella Luxe Oil Review

My hair is pretty damaged, but luckily I had really strong and thick hair to start with! My poor locks certainly get put through a lot, and now that I'm trying to grow it longer again, I'm trying to treat it with more care.

I got given this Well Luxe Oil product to try and I've been pretty darn addicted. Its a serum/oil product and I've been using it almost daily on my ends. Now, I don't believe that any product can actually fix or repair hair, but they can certainly help prevent more damage and make the hair appear nicer to look at, and feel nicer to touch.

I've been applying about 4 squirts each day before brushing, as when I brush my hair the ends tend to snap off. Providing some lubrication (ooh er) means the ends are less likely to pull and snag. 

I've been loving it, as it hasn't been making my hair greasy, just smooth. I only wash my hair every 5-7 days, so I've often got a week's worth of applying this oil to my hair, but it still looks nice, and is stylable. 

Considering how much I've been using it, my bottle is lasting longer than I'd thought too!