Weight Watchers on Dispatches.....when will we take responsibility for ourselves

Dispatches recently featured Weight Watchers (and how they made their millions) and it just made my blood boil.

It starts with a group of women, and asks whether they've ever dieted. Of those who said yes, they were asked who had tried Weight Watchers. Then they asked of those how had kept the weight that the lost off. 

It's like asking someone if they kept their muscles when they quit the gym.

For goodness sake, the whole show treated Weight Watchers as if it were a secret cult, setting out to trick and trap us. 

It complained that Weight Watchers representitives who host meetings didn't get paid based on weight loss, but on members signed up and merchandise sold. They're not a flipping charity, and no one needs to sign up. Its as gyms should only get paid if we get fit...???

The presenter seems to complain that Weight Watchers food is higher priced than anything else. It's almost like complaining that Prada charge more for their shoes than Asda. 

I did Weight Watchers years ago, just using the books, with no meetings. I really liked it, and it did what I wanted it to; I lost weight, while eating lots. When I stopped counting points the weight crept on, but that's because I started eating like I had before. There is no healthy plan that continues to work if you stop following it!

We only change our habits when we truly want to and are ready to change. Joining the gym, joining Weight Watchers, deciding to watch less TV.....habits are hard to break, and you'll only stick to it when you're ready. Your failure isn't the fault of Weight Watchers or the gym, and you'd be silly to blame anyone but yourself. We change when we are ready to.

I don't use Weight Watchers now, and haven't for years, but the programme just annoyed me. Is this really investigative journalism these days?  

We all know what our bodies need to be healthy or slim. We all know it. We make choices every day based on a myriad of things; health only being one small element of it. If someone chooses to follow a scheme like Weight Watchers, great for them. If they choose to basic calorie count, or join a gym, or eat more protein......gosh it's our bodies and we're grown ups.

This show just seemed so unintelligent.......or is that just me?