Weight Loss and Style Changes - Reflecting back

Over the past 18 months I've lost (and maintained) some weight. You can read about my changes in diet and fitness if you fancy. I've also changed my style somewhat, which I guess is pretty normal. Not many people dress the same way year in year out. It would be boring to wear the same things forever wouldn't it!

I always feel some sort of guilt when I think this, but I've loved losing that little bit of weight, eating well and getting fitter. The guilt comes from the fact that some people seem to think my happiness somehow reflects back on their own body/food/fitness choices. It really doesn't - I promise! We all live in little bubbles, and I honestly don't care what other people choose to do, in the same way they shouldn't care what I do to my body either. I've never felt happier in my own skin, and if people ask my advice, I'm more than happy to share my experiences, but if not, I honestly have no thoughts or judgements on what you cook for dinner.

My style has become more mainstream than it used to be, I'm wearing less 'rockabilly' themed things, and shopping more from the highstreet. This isn't due to the weight change, but has definitely been influenced by it. I'm happier in my skin, and prefer how some of the more modern looks sit on my changed shape. It could be said I'm hiding less behind some of my more alternative looks. Or perhaps I just want to blend in a little more now?

 I have had a lot of feedback from people saying they have been motivated by my progress pictures (I love seeing people's progress shots, so its only fair to add mine to the pot!), and I've loved hearing about your own journeys. However, I have had some negative comments too, about how these sort of photos can trigger people with eating disorders, or that I am promoting a preference for slim. I'm just sharing my journey, and can't help that I prefer my smaller/healthier/fitter body to the one I had before. As I said before, my bubble is small, I have no judgement over how you choose to enjoy your own body and life. We come in all shapes and sizes, and we're all adults who get to make choices - choices about how our bodies, diets and happiness. I'm all for happiness!

In the last 18 months I've also gone back to more mainstream hair! After years of bettie bangs, and crazy colours, I'm now a long-fringed auburn. He he!

I honestly believe that everyone could feel better in themselves if they increased the amount of fruit and vegetables in their diet (I only wish I'd done it sooner!), and reduced the amount of junk, but we're all grown ups, and we can all choose whatever paths we wish. Just enjoy your own journey! If you're not enjoying yours - change it!