Weekly Blow Dries - yes please! ;-)

It seems that there is a new 'trend' for women returning to a weekly salon visit. I guess traditionally women visited for a regular set, but hair tastes changed, and the high maintanence hair went out of the window for a while.

But it seems with the explosion of blow dry bars, and perhaps the tail end of a recession, women are returning to wanting to get their hair professionally done regularly.

Since opening Rockalily Cuts, one of my benefits is enjoying this luxury, and it is definitely hard to imagine ever going back to washing my own hair. I have to admit, recently, on the one day Rockalily is closed (Mondays) I was desperate to get my hair washed.....and I even went to another salon. I have become THAT woman. Eeek!

My hair just feels so much cleaner, we don't seem able to get it as clean at home, and it stays clean for ages. I tend to go for a curly blow dry, and always feel extra swishy bouncing around.

It's definitely a luxury, and not one that everyone wants to justify, but perhaps a nice treat every once in a while!

Can you imagine being a weekly blow dry type of girl?