Week 9 - still smashing it at the gym

I've now completed week 9 of my new gym routine (4 classes a week) so figured I'd keep up with my weekly check-ins.

I had a lovely chat with my favourite instructor, and was amazed to find out she is a teacher full time, and teaches fitness in the evenings. That's someone with a lot of dedication! She also said she had noticed my lunges were improving. My lunges are my weakest element BY FAR, and progress is tiny but definite.

I'm struggling with my body image still, I still don't fit into a lot of my clothes, and have been looking back at photos where my body was much more where I enjoy it being. But I'm being strict with myself, and just getting on with it. I'm focusing on my strength, and my progress. I do feel progress, and I try and celebrate the small wins. I just need to trust the progress, and keep turning up. My body will catch up. 9 weeks isn't really that much anyhow.

I know that the scientific proof of weight gain on birth control is pretty hazy (weight gain is usually relationship related, rather than hormonal it seems) but I am currently on a double dose of birth control and I feel it is impacting my womanly weight in a small way - boobs and belly. But it doesn't matter, I'll just keep showing up for class and see where I get!