Week 7 of the gym and it was much better than week 6!

reeree week 7

After a pretty rocky week 6 at the gym, I've now crossed the finishing line of week 7 and it's all turned around - as it always does right?!

After accepting that last week that my weak and damaged back feels the worst when I do exercise that requires twists, I gave up my boxing/martial arts class. There is no point risking injury and negative exercise experiences. It's important that we make the gym a positive experience as often as possible if we want to keep returning!

Last week sucked a bit, but this week I smashed my two weight lifting classes. The first, I was late, and all flustered, and I feared I'd get off to a bad start. But once I got going, I felt I did my best ever clean and presses. Whoop.

It's one of my favourite Body Pump moves, but I can sometimes feel my back twinge with it. However this week I lifted my heaviest weight and didn't twinge at all. It really proved I'm making progress and it felt great.

I also noticed that I sometimes lift heavier than other people (sometimes men!) and this reminds me of my progress. Don't get me wrong, I'm not brilliant, and I'm not always lifting the best, but in the moments I notice it, I'm proud of sticking with it, as I started with the smaller weights too. Progress happens if you stick with it!

I definitely needed a better week than last! Roll on week 8!